Rome - steps down f Rome expands from small city-state on...

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Rome Overview Unification of Mediterranean world Cultural and religious interchange Rise of Christianity as world religion I. Kingdom to Republic a. 2,000 B.C.E. – Etruscans, Indo-Europeans spread into Italian peninsula b. Aeneas fled the demise of Troy c. Romulus and Remus d. Republic of Rome established 509 B.C.E. i. Last of the Etruscan kings driven out of Rome by aristocratic Roman citizens e. Institutions of office i. Checks and balances diffuse power ii. Alleviates tensions between the patricians and the plebeians iii. Consuls represent the power of the patrician class iv. Tribunes represent the interests of the plebian class v. Resolves the “struggle of the orders” vi. Other offices began to evolve to represent other classes vii. Office of the dictator 1. If Rome falls into a time of crises, the dictator takes control of the office to resolve the situation and then promptly
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Unformatted text preview: steps down f. Rome expands from small city-state on the Tiber river to controlling a large portion of the Italian peninsula i. Spoils are shared equally between the offices allowing for growth ii. Roman territory expands from 4 th to the 2 nd c. B.C.E. 1. More tolerant to other cultures and religions 2. Assimilation to Roman society almost seamless 3. Citizenship granted to conquered peoples g. Punic Wars – 264 to 146 B.C.E. (All three wars) In the first Punic War (264–241 bc), Rome secured Sicily from Carthage and established itself as a naval power; in the second (218–201 bc), the defeat of Hannibal (largely through the generalship of Fabius Cunctator and Scipio Africanus) put an end to Carthage's position as a Mediterranean power; the third (149– 146 bc) ended in the total destruction of the city of Carthage. i. Against Carthage ii....
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Rome - steps down f Rome expands from small city-state on...

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