Turkish Migrations

Turkish Migrations - ii Anatolia i Ghaznavid Turks(Group 3...

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Turkish Migrations I. Imperial Expansions a. Clan, tribal loyalty b. Semi-nomadic i. 1. Central Asia c. Trading partners d. Society i. Simple ii. Fluid e. Shamanism f. Confederations i. Khans g. Saljuc Turks (Group 1) i. Abbaside Empire ii. Abbasid caliphs – 1055 iii. Appointed Turks to Sultans h. Saljuc Turks (Group 2) i. Byzantine Empire – 1071
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Anatolia i. Ghaznavid Turks (Group 3) i. Mahmud of Ghazni ii. Pushes into Northern India iii. Plunder and raid II. Mongol Empires a. Steppe b. Temujin – Ghengis Khan 13 th c. c. Unitied the Mongolian clans into an Empire d. Reign 1206 – 1227 C.E. e....
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