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Terms to Know - Knowledge or layer tries to impress you...

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IATSE – International Alliance of Theatre and Stage Employees Yahztee Union employees in Chattanooga; Memorial, Tivoli Stanley Mcdandless – Vertical lighting design, 45 degree horizontal, 45 degree vertical, one warm, one cold, two per area Wiggle lights – automated lights Brighalia, Capitano – Comedia del Arte Harlequin – lead character or servant who wears patchwork triangles Capitano – Uppercrust characters, carries the sword but never wields it Biunique – Ancient greek wooden frame covered in linen Costume stock – costumes kept on hand for use as-needed Pierro – servant that wears the white smock, baggy white pants, and the white pompom; reminiscent of clowns Dottore – Equivalent of cap and gown (frilly white collar, black outfit); Dr. of
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Unformatted text preview: Knowledge or layer; tries to impress you with his knowledge Fresnel – soft-edged beam Ellipsoidal – hard-edged beam (ie spotlight) Liko – A non-spotlight ellipsoidal Pantalone – dirty old man, red pants, chases women Snuff boy – the guy that light and extinguished the candles in early theatre as needed; color water placed in front of light for necessary coloring Gas table – metal cage in back with valves that allowed for the increase and decrease of lights; silk used as a gel Standard makeup – corrective makeup; enhance and diminish Character makeup – aging makeup Stylized makeup – extra makeup to fill the character (cats, clowns, etc.)...
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