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Growing up in Chattanooga, people expect certain things of you. With a largely white, Christian, population, I seemed to fit the mold as I began my career at McCallie in 2000. However, six short years later, I had discovered more about myself than I had previously known. Not only did I not fit the mold as the standard “McCallie Man” but also the future that accompanies this title lost significant appeal. After graduating from high school, I decided to take a year off to gain my bearings on life. In this year off, I learned more than could be taught in any classroom setting. I gained valuable experiences in both work and love and made many decisions that would reshape the path I would take for my young adulthood. I realized that I could no longer afford to simply take for granted what had previously been provided to me. Suddenly I knew what life was like and in the blink of an eye I had regular bills, commitments outreaching anything I had ever encountered, and most of all, responsibility. I could no longer afford to make a
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