Spring 2008 Module 2 study guide

Spring 2008 Module 2 study guide - RADHIKA CHANDRASEKHAR...

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Unformatted text preview: RADHIKA CHANDRASEKHAR Spring 2008 Module 2: Production and Quality Quality (1) What is quality control? Taking action to ensure that operations produce products that meet specific quality standards Ex from lecture: does BART have good quality? Are customers delighted? NO Ex from book: Keeping Track of German Engineering -> Mercedes quality and customer satisfaction slipping to levels below German-made brands that have not-so-good images. This is because the quality downslide started when Mercedes decided to shift away from its traditional emphasis on “making what engineers want” to an emphasis on what EXECUTIVES wanted, which was to design cars to meet a certain price point, including smaller and less expensive models -> learned a lesson by paying a steep price for shifting its primary emphasis from engineering to marketing How should firms view quality?- Firms ought to embrace quality, as it is a NATURAL extension of the concept of delighting customers- * it is not enough to CONTROL quality simply by inspecting products and monitoring service operations for defects AS THEY OCCUR. Instead, firms must BUILD QUALITY INTO goods as a prevention. - Quality is also strategy for US to stay on top of competition- Firms provide customers with what they want, where they want, and when they want What is Total Quality Management? - Sum of all activities involved in getting high-quality goods and services into the market- Things should work the FIRST time around- Products must be exactly what customers ask of them- Involves continuous improvement 1 Module 4 Production and Quality Management Quality Manufacturing Production Service Operations- Involves everyone in organization/firm- Everyone must take responsibility for quality o All departments must work together to focus on quality o Top management leadership o Empowerment of front-line workers - BIGGEST CHALLENGE and is MOTIVATING employees throughout the company and its suppliers to achieve quality goals- Employees eventually accept QUALITY OWNERSHIP that the responsibility of quality belongs to each person that helps create a product while on the ob What are some tools for Total Quality Management? …from the book- Competitive analysis- company analyzes a competitor’s products to identify desirable improvements o Ex: TOSHIBA takes apart XEROX copier and texts various components to see which components they need to upgrade and which features are satisfactory to keep. 1. Value-added analysis – way to evaluate whether all activities and work put into making the product actually ADD value for the customers a. Reveals what wasteful unnecessary activities can be eliminated...
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Spring 2008 Module 2 study guide - RADHIKA CHANDRASEKHAR...

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