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9.07 + 9.12 - Student Learning Center PoliSci2 HELP Monday...

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9/7/06 Student Learning Center PoliSci2 HELP! Monday 11:30-1 Wednesday 2:30-4 How are elements of Easton’s polisys related? 0) Relationship between demands, outputs, and support o When demands outstrip outputs ->> demand overload ->>> drop in support Loss in support of govt, regime -> refusal to pay taxes Causes of Demand Overload 1) Too many demands for regime structures to process o US govt experiencing gridlock because of poliparties -> unable to do business 2) Insufficient resources available to the system 3) Existing pattern of resource allocation o Some programs override needs of other programs o Three Strike Law -> three felonies = life in prison Responses to Demand Overload Bolster Levels of Support 1. Attempt to increase level of specific support a. New value allocations to reduce demand overload b. Increase levels of coercion i. Ex: S. Africa 1970s-1980s -> urban (black) youth rebellion 1976 (Soweto)…in response, govt adopted reform program to improve material conditions of black S Africans (paved streets, electricity, water availability, housing stock, street lighting, rec facilities) -> make it less likely for black youth to rise up again. Simultaneously, increased levels of coercion against those demanding political rights (physically eliminate them so they’re no longer a problem and you only have support) 2. Attempt to bolster level of diffuse support a. Tap emotional attachments to existing system
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9.07 + 9.12 - Student Learning Center PoliSci2 HELP Monday...

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