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DILS Video Sample Guidelines 1/08/08 Guidelines for Video Samples Please note that both video samples are individual videos, not group videos. Video Sample One will present you with an opportunity to introduce and/or describe yourself. This is the topic for everyone’s first video, regardless of language or level. You can use the equipment in the Language Center. Be sure to be creative as you make the movie. Check the Daily Schedule or Moodle to see if you have an assigned topic for Video Sample Two. If you are allowed to choose your own topic, either by yourself, as a group, or in consultation with your language partner, be sure that topic relates to what you have been working on in class, e.g., a theme, a group of vocabulary, or an aspect of grammar. The purpose of Video Sample Two is to demonstrate your current level of competence in speaking, so be sure to incorporate current vocabulary, grammatical structures, and course material when you prepare your script and record your video. If you wish to make Video Sample Two
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DILSVideoSampleGuidelinesSpring2008 - Guidelines for Video...

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