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culture paper - Culture Paper The Jewish religion is more...

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Culture Paper The Jewish religion is more than just a belief, but a lifestyle filled with culture and traditions which my family has followed for countless generations. It sometimes is hard to grasp what exactly a culture is and how much it actually influences the life that one lives. The textbook definition of culture is the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group. To me however, it is a set of values and/or beliefs that a group of individuals share and impacts how each person lives his or her life. The reason I think this is because my family (in the case of my definition the group) all share a set of values and beliefs that affect how we live our daily lives. As I’ve started to grow older and more independent from family, I have started to stray away from the traditional Jewish culture and replace it with the American culture and its way of life. The end result is that there are tensions between the culture and customs of my Jewish heritage, and the culture that American society pressures me into. One part of the Jewish culture that has come into conflict with American customs has been keeping kosher. To be kosher means to abide by a set of dietary laws established in the writings of Jewish literature. The list can get long of what is considered kosher or not, but the highlights are that meat and milk cannot be eaten together, only certain types of meat can be consumed, of the animals that can be consumed they must be slaughtered in a particular fashion, and utensils from non-kosher foods must not be eaten with kosher foods. Another rule of thumb is that when eating packaged foods, kosher foods will have a small symbol consisting of a “U”
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culture paper - Culture Paper The Jewish religion is more...

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