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Israeli Citizenship Exposed What a nation-state’s citizenship comprises of and what it entails have been the subject of much controversy since the creation of the modern state up until the present day. While there has been much literature that has discussed how citizenship of a nation- state should be constructed, there are several examples that defy this mold. One of the most unique cases that breaks the boundaries of this paradigm is citizenship in Israel. The country is a strongly Jewish and Western affiliated state placed right in the middle of the Islamic Middle East. With such unparalleled conditions anywhere else in the world, it is not surprising to see that there are many inconsistencies between the Western scholar’s notion of what citizenship should be and what citizenship really is in Israel. Using Roger Brubaker’s six components of citizenship of the nation-state, one can bring out many of the key differences between his theory and the realities of Israeli citizenship by applying current events in the news. From there one can also attempt to explain why citizenship is the way it turned out in Israel today. One conflict that can be looked at is Brubaker’s “unique” component of citizenship and Israel’s emigration rate. According to Brubaker, “Every person should belong to one and only one state.” He continues by arguing that it should be this way because dual citizenship leads to “divided allegiance.” In contrast to this, a recent news article revealed that Israel’s Immigration Absorption Ministry is trying to get as many of its citizens abroad to come back to Israel next year for its 60 th anniversary (Deitch). Using statistics provided from this article as well as other sources, it can be estimated that about 9% of Israel’s citizens are currently abroad compared to only about 2.3% here in America. 1 Data like this shows overall that there is a statistically significant larger 1 Poli Sci 2 12/15/07 Notes 1 and the number of American emigrates from Sennott. 1
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other nations, compared to other more established nations, such as the United States. Not only that, but the fact that Israel would start a campaign to try to convince emigrated Israelis to come back “home” shows how attached emigrated Israelis are to the other nations they reside in. This goes directly against Brubaker’s concept that citizens of a particular nation-state should be “mutually exclusive” and “exhaustive” in that they only identify with one nation. Another discrepancy that can be observed is between Brubaker’s ideal that the state should be a “political community” as well as a “cultural community” in contrast with Israel’s bias towards its Jewish population. Brubaker argues that the nation-state can
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poli sci final - Poli Sci 2 12/15/07 Israeli Citizenship...

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