Chemistry 1A - Fall 2002 - Final Exam

Chemistry 1A - Fall 2002 - Final Exam - Chemistry 1A Fall...

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Chemistry 1A, Fall 2002 Final Exam, Version A December 11, 2002 (3 hours, closed book) Name: TA: SID: Section: Please read this first: Write your name and that of your TA on all pages; On the Scantron TM , bubble in Form A. Test-taking Strategy This test consists of two parts: multiple choice ( answers to be circled and entered on the Scantron TM sheet ) and short answer. In order to maximize your score on the exam: Do the questions you know how to do first. Then, go back and spend more time on the questions you find more challenging. Budget your time carefully -- don't spend too much time on one problem. Show all work for which you want credit and don't forget to include units. Page Score 10 11 12 13 14 SA Total MC Total
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