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17 Nov 2005 Last name______________ First name_______________SID___________GSI_______ Essay questions (20 pts): pick one and only one to answer; circle the one you choose. Write a page on the back of this sheet. This side is for your personal notes only. Cover the important points in a clear and concise manner – as if you have only a few minutes to tell the President, your roommate, or your parent, what that person needs to know. Clear, effective writing is important. If English is not your first language, state so at the top of your essay. If you need to re-write it, ask for a new copy of the exam. Be concise ; points will be deducted if your essay is overly long! 1. The eye is a complicated feature of the human body. How does it work? Discuss the relevant physics. In your essay, include answers to the following questions: what does it mean to be nearsighted or farsighted? How does aging play into this process? How does the eye see colors? What does it mean to be colorblind? 2. Greenhouse effect. Explain how it works, and how it affects climate. How is it affected by human emissions? Why is the greenhouse effect "controversial" in public debate? How does it relate to the "ozone problem"? NOTE: please put your name at the top of the essay.
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/01/2008 for the course PHYSICS C10 taught by Professor Muller during the Spring '08 term at University of California, Berkeley.

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Physics_10_-_Fall_2005_-_Muller_-_Midterm_2 - PffP Midterm...

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