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Physics 10 Final Exam Physics for future Presidents May 19, 2004 Last name____________________ First name____________________SID___________ Choose one essay question from list A and one from list B. Circle the ones you chose. Put your name on three pages: the top page for A, for B, and for C (the multiple choice questions). Essay question A (20 pts): Answer one of the following two questions: A1. Many people use the terms “greenhouse effect” and “ozone layer” interchangeably as though they address the same issue. Explain the differences between the greenhouse effect and the ozone layer. Why is the greenhouse effect and ozone layer in the news from time to time and what is it that people have to be concerned about? OR A2. Some people think solar energy is the answer to our future energy needs. Others think it has no future. What can it be used for, and what can’t it be used for? Describe the possibilities. Will it be used for automobiles? Compare it to other sources of energy. Essay question B (20 pts): pick one and only one of the next two questions to answer. B1. Define and explain 4 methods discussed in class that are used for medical imaging. What are the differences in function and use for each? Don't forget to explain the physics behind the technique! OR B2. Lasers are one of the most widely used technological inventions of the 20th and 21st centuries. What is a laser? How does it work? What properties does laser light possess and how are these properties useful? Give examples of devices that use lasers in your answer.
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Physics 10 Final exam – Short Questions May 19, 2004 Last name____________________ First name____________________SID______________ C. Short questions (1 point each, 40 points total). Read the questions carefully so that you don’t misinterpret them (e.g. by missing a word such as “not”). 1. Mark ALL of the following list that are
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Physics_10_-_Spring_2004_-_Muller_-_Final - Physics 10...

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