Chemistry 1A - Fall 2002 - Midterm 3

Chemistry 1A - Fall 2002 - Midterm 3 - Chemistry 1A Fall...

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Chemistry 1A, Fall 2002 Midterm Exam III, Version A November 12, 2002 (90 min, closed book) Name: TA: SID: Section: Please read this first: Write your name and that of your TA on all 9 pages; On the Scantron TM , bubble in Form A. Test-taking Strategy This test consists of two parts: multiple choice ( answers to be circled and entered on the Scantron TM sheet ) and short answer. In order to maximize your score on the exam: Do the questions you know how to do first. Then, go back and spend more time on the questions you find more challenging. Budget your time carefully -- don't spend too much time on one problem. Show all work for which you want credit and don't forget to include units. Page Score MC 7 8 9 Total
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