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Chemistry 1A - Sample Test - Midterm 1

ch d ch2 e ch4 18 mass 44 5 which difluoropropane

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Unformatted text preview: .) CH2 E.) CH4 18 44 Mass 5.) Which difluoropropane (C3H6F2) molecule is chiral? (note: the H atoms are not shown) F A.) C C C F 6.) A.) F F B.) C C C F F C C C C. ) F D.) C C C F E.) D.) E.) Which is the correct Lewis structure of hydrogen cyanide? B.) C.) Page 2 of 5 Which molecule does not have an electric dipole moment? A.) CO 8.) B.) NH3 C.) SiO2 D.) CH2F2 E.) ICl3 Viewed through a filter with the absorption spectrum shown, a yellow solution will appear: A.) Black B.) Blue C.) Green D.) Yellow Absorbance 7.) Name:_________________________________________ E.) Red Blue 9.) Green Red Two photons are absorbed and one is emitted as shown. What is the wavelength of the emitted light (nm)? 1200 nm A.) 200 B.) 400 C.) 60...
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