Chemistry 1A - Sample Test - Midterm 1

1200 nm a 200 b 400 c 600 d 800 e 1800 600 nm 10 which

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Unformatted text preview: 0 D.) 800 E.) 1800 λ 600 nm Which emission spectrum corresponds to the energy level diagram shown? Energy 10.) A.) 11.) λ B.) C.) λ λ D.) λ The nucleus of which of the following exotic isotopes contains the most neutrons? A.) 38 Cl 17 B.) 40 18 Ar C.) 40 19 K D.) 40 20 Ca E.) 38 Sc 21 E.) λ λ Page 3 of 5 Name:_________________________________________ Part 2: Short Answer Problems (70 pts total) Instructions: Enter answers in the boxes provided. Show your work. Where requested, write explanations in fifteen words or less. (25 pts) 1.) Acetaldehyde molecules contain carbon : hydrogen : oxygen in the mass ratio 6 : 1 : 4. a) What is the mole percent of the elements in acetaldehyde? C: H: O: Total: b) What is the empirical form...
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