Chemistry 1A - Sample Test - Midterm 1

C h o total b what is the empirical formula of

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Unformatted text preview: ula of acetaldehyde? Answer: c) The molar mass of acetaldehyde is 44 g/mol. What is the molecular formula? Explain. Explanation: Answer: d) Draw the Lewis structure for acetaldehyde. (note: the molecule has a C−C single bond) e) What is the approximate H−C−O bond angle in acetaldehyde? Explain. Structure: Explanation: Answer: Page 4 of 5 Name:_________________________________________ (30 pts) 2.) Consider the following reactions that you encountered in the laboratory: I) ____ C6H12O6 (s) + ____ O2 (g) II) ____ NaN3 (s) ____H2O (l) + ____ CO2 (g) ____ Na (s) + ____ N2 (g) a) Balance the reactions by writing the coefficients in the spaces provided above. b) One mole of each of the reactants in reaction I is pl...
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