Chemistry 1A - Sample Test - Midterm 1

Chemistry 1a sample test midterm 1

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Unformatted text preview: Page 1 of 5 Name:_________________________________________ Part 1: Multiple Choice. (4 pts each, 40 pts total) Instructions: Bubble in the correct answer on your Scantron™ form AND circle the answer on your exam. Each question has one correct answer. 1.) The answer to question 1 is A. Bubble in A on your Scantron™ form. 2.) Which ionic compound is comprised of isoelectronic ions? A.) NaBr 3.) C.) BeF2 D.) MgBr2 E.) CaCl2 Which compound has the highest percentage of chlorine by mass? A.) HCl 4.) B.) KI B.) KCl C.) MgCl2 D.) BaCl2 E.) AlCl3 What is the empirical formula of a hydrocarbon whose combustion products give the mass spectrum shown on the right? A.) C4H B.) C2H C.) CH D...
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