Hideko 2.pdf - Running head CASE STUDY 1 Case Study Hideko Viviana Ja’Nasia D Richardson Florida State College of Jacksonville CASE STUDY 2 Case Study

Hideko 2.pdf - Running head CASE STUDY 1 Case Study Hideko...

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Running head: CASE STUDY 1 Case Study: Hideko & Viviana Ja Nasia D. Richardson Florida State College of Jacksonville
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CASE STUDY 2 Case Study: Hideko & Viviana Hideko is struggling as a college student to immigrant, Japanese parents who expect nothing but the best from her. Hideko care for her sickly mother who is partially paralyzed, cleans the house, cooks, and top of it all has just broken up with her boyfriend. She has started to see Viviana because she is starting to get too tired of it all and just wants to get back to her old self, even without the help of her now ex- boyfriend. “I want to feel okay about taking some time off. I want to get back to telling myself that I am a good daughter and that I deserve to have some time off even if my parents don’t understand that.” Empathy and Active Listening The first way that Viviana demonstrated understanding, empathy, and active listening is by stating “so even though you are living at ho me and doing a lot to help, your brother is the favored child. That sounds difficult to me (Chang, Decker, Scott, 2018 ).” Next would be, “so, you are kind of torn between feeling it is your duty to help and also feeling unappreciated and like it is too much to handle, is that right (Chang, Decker, Scott, 2018 )?” While these statements all show feelings of empathy, and that Viviana understood what Hideko is going through, there are at least two additional things that Viviana could have did to demonstrate active listening. For instance, after Hideko stated that she feels that since her relationship ended with her boyfriend that she has not been able to get back on track, Viviana could have taken the conversation a step further by stating “it sounds like your boyfriend played a huge role in your life, and now th at you do not have him to lean on, you feel that everything has come to a standstill.” Viviana could have also stated, “it sounds like you feel that you have no right to stand up for yourself and say you need time to yourself (short pause) because you have to take care of your mom and the household.
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