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Lecture 3 – Energy Flow

Lecture 3 – Energy Flow - due to moon’s...

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Lecture 3 – Energy Flow Exergy Work potential of a reservoir of energy Energy exists in many different types of reservoirs from chemical potential stored in hydrocarbon bonds to the kinetic energy of the wind. Humankind accesses and processes the exergy in these reservoirs in order to exploit energy resources. The amount of exergy in the universe is being constantly used up. Exergy 1 st Law: The amount of energy in the universe is always constant from big bang to the future. 2 nd Law: The exergy content of the universe is always diminishing from total energy = exergy at big bang and heading toward zero in future. Global Exergy Flux, Reservoirs, and Destruction Solar Energy o So much of energy is not used, when solar energy is a large resource to use Crustal Thermal Energy o Energy Released from Radioactive Decay in Earth o Heat Released from cooling of molten rock when Earth was formed Tide Energy o The movement of tides can be captured and used as energy
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Unformatted text preview: due to moon’s gravity affecting on earth • Fission of Uranium and Thorium o Use the atoms by putting them in nuclear reactor and use for nuclear energy. • Fusion Reactions o Deuterium and Tritium fusion will release huge energy. o Find Deuterium in ocean. o Make Tritium using lithium. USA Energy Overview • Consumption is Higher than Production • Exports are constant, so Imports have to increase to meet the demand of consumption Energy Consumption by Source • Highest Use to Lowest Use • Petroleum, Natural Gas, Coal, Nuclear Electric Power, Hydroelectric Power, Wood Energy Use Per Real Dollar of GDP • 17.99 in 1970 • 8.75 in 2006 Energy Consumption by Sector Overview • Highest Use to Lowest Use • Industrial, Transportation, Residential, Commercial World Primary Energy Production by Region and Country • Highest Use to Lowest Use • United States, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Iran, India...
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Lecture 3 – Energy Flow - due to moon’s...

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