Lecture 10 – Coal (Part 3)

Lecture 10 – Coal (Part 3) - o Most recent...

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Lecture 8 – Coal (Part 3) Coal: Environmental Impact Acid Mine Drainage o See bright red in environment o Bright red is iron oxide o Acid Mine drainage causing species to die o The sulfuric acid and iron oxide form due to water and oxygen in mine Coal: Power Plant Component Fuel storage and preparation Burner Boiler Stream turbine Gas turbine Condenser Cooling tower Generator Emission controls Coal Burning Power Plant Simple electric generating plant Coal: “Clean” Removal of Flyash Chemical Scrubbing Coal: Alternatives Liquid fuels from coal Coal Gasification “Oil” from coal sasol – South Africa Coal: Gasification Coal Gasification Combined Cycle
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Unformatted text preview: o Most recent method Coal: Environmental Impact Mercury o Anthropogenic Hg to Atmospheric Hg o Global Deposition to marine o Global Deposition to terrestrial o Reemitted anthropogenic and natural HG to global deposition Arsenic Coal: Environmental Impact Burning coal is a leading cause of smog, acid rain, global warming and air toxics In a single year, typical coal plant generates: o 3700000 tons of CO 2 o 10000 tons of SO 2 o 500 tons of small airborne particles o 10200 tons of NO x o 720 tons of CO o 220 tons of volatile organic compounds o 170 pounds of Hg o 225 pounds of As o 114 pounds of Pb o 4 pounds of Cd...
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Lecture 10 – Coal (Part 3) - o Most recent...

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