Lecture 11 - Nuclear - o 2 Fold layers erode them o 3...

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Lecture 9 - Nuclear Global Carbon Cycle Movement of Carbon through world in different forms Nuclear “Renaissance” 2005 Energy Policy act NRC certified design for APR 1000 Two new NPP in south Texas Two new NPP in south Texas NRC approves license for National Enrichment Facility in New Mexico MOX-fuel fabrication facility at Savannah River, SC Generation III+ and IV reactors Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (AFCI) Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) Nuclear: Production and Consumption Production and Trade (Highest to Lowest) o Purchased imports o Export Sales o Domestic Concentrate Production Production minus Consumption – Uranium Trade (Highest to Lowest) o Canada o Namibia o Australia o Niger o South Africa o Gabon Uranium: Sandstone Roll Front UO 2 Uraninite Uranium: Unconformity Deposits Origin of an unconformity o 1) Deposit sedimentary layers
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Unformatted text preview: o 2) Fold layers + erode them o 3) Deposit new layers on folded rocks Uranium: Reserve • Largest Reserve in Australia • Uranium Distribution is not Equal Distributed Uranium: Connected Cycles • Carbon Cycle • Fuel Cycle • Weapons • Radionuclide Cycles What Happens in a Nuclear Reactor? • Fission ( 235 U and 239 Pu): o 235 U + 1 n o Fission Fragments + 2-3 Neutrons + Energy • Neutron Capture and Beta Decay: o 238 U + 1 n o 239 U 239 Np 239 Pu Fuel Cycles • Uranium/Plutonium Fuel Cycle • Open Nuclear Fuel Cycle • Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle Nuclear Power Plants: LWR • Boiling water reactor • Pressurized water reactor Nuclear: Today • No geologic repository for HLW or spent fuel. • No license application for a geologic repository. • No EPA standard for HLW and SNF in a geologic repository...
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Lecture 11 - Nuclear - o 2 Fold layers erode them o 3...

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