To Dien Bien Phu 1951-1954

To Dien Bien Phu 1951-1954 - How was France going to escape...

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How was France going to escape the growing dilemma in Vietnam? “French must either commit to full-scale mobilization or withdrawal” French leadership refused to make such a decision o Full-scale mobilization would mean an unpopular draft on young men, economic halt, reducing France’s European role by vacating troops in Europe and sending them to Vietnam o Withdrawal would mean abandoning France’s colonial pride, humiliation Wanted to keep control of Vietnam militarily, but also keep costs below what it would cost to have full-scale mobilization. Wanted to keep fighting Indochina war as a limited colonial war. This wouldn’t work because Vietminh had become an efficient, mobile force. French adopted 3 strategies to try and contain cost of war o Starting in 1950, France asked US to pay for the war. First, US showed little sympathy – thought it was a war over colonialism which didn’t interest US. However, Korean War coupled with communist takeover in China and Cold War fears changed US outlook. America began helping in 1950. By 1954, US paying 85% of France’s war costs. France, in return, had to discard openly-colonial character of war and claim it was about having a free Francophile government. o Avoid military draft by relying on volunteer and colonial forces. French volunteers army made up of professional soldiers. 54,000 French fighting in Indochina as volunteers. 20,000 foreign legionnaires. 30,000 African troops from French colonies (Morocco, Tunisia). Average French person not affected by the war.
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To Dien Bien Phu 1951-1954 - How was France going to escape...

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