UN's Impact on the US

UN's Impact on the US - Conservative Trend Began under...

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Conservative Trend Began under Nixon, flourished under Regan 1969-1979 – American/Soviet Relations described by an improvement of understanding “De Tante” Arms-control agreements, trade agreements, winding down of Cold War China sought better relations as well o US (Kissinger) agreed to comply as long as China and USSR agreed to tone down anti-West uprisings in third- world countries Called “Linkage” Vietnam was to be the primary test Linkage worked with China, but not with USSR USSR wanted a strong, unified Vietnam to be an enemy to China, about whom they were worried USSR ended up bankrolling North Vietnam Americans were pissed at USSR o 1963-1973 had been stable in American position in third-world Vietnam inspired many other revolutions Laos, Cambodia, Southern Africa, Latin America, Iran Promoted the idea that USSR had humiliated US, USSR needed to be put in its place, and Linkage was a sham American self-doubt and insecurity Magnified in late 1970s by Soviet success in closing gap between US and Soviet nuclear weaponry o Late 1970s saw a growing demand from conservatives to gain unrivaled nuclear superiority and refuse any future agreement that would freeze parity with USSR International setbacks combined with deteriorating American economic position really hurt American psyche o US had been dominant in the world economy o Gradual recovering of post-WW2 countries led to an erosion of American dominance o Low levels of saving, research & development compared
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UN's Impact on the US - Conservative Trend Began under...

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