Non-Communist Movements

Non-Communist Movements - The American created Saigon...

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The American created Saigon regime of the 1960 showed continuity with anti-communist movements that were largely ineffective. 3 Non-communist movements: Frank (French)-Lovers o Before WWII, some Vietnamese considered French colonialism as a blessing. Anti-French wanted immediate independence, supporters of colonialism thought Vietnam needed French help to strengthen the nation. Based upon landlords in the country side who benefited from French colonialism. Represented mandarinism. Represented urban elites. Represented Vietnamese Catholics. Constitutionalists: Many sought French citizenship. Wanted more Vietnamese to hold official positions in Cochin-china. Wanted to expand secondary schools. Wanted to curb competition with Chinese businessmen. Wanted independence, but with permanent French presence. Weaknesses: French wouldn’t make any considerable concessions to them, weakening their credibility in the eyes of other Vietnamese. Acted like Frenchmen, patriotic Vietnamese couldn’t identify So elitist, no relevance for rest of population. Example – preached secondary education, but nothing of primary education. Preached helping businessmen, never peasants. Wanted more power to colonial
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Non-Communist Movements - The American created Saigon...

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