Domestic Strains of the War 1965-67

Domestic Strains of the War 1965-67 - Costs major...

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Costs major constraint on LBJ and American intervention in Vietnam Anti-war sentiment in the US worked together with enemy’s battlefield success o More Americans showed anti-war sentiment, higher communist morale o More communist success, more Americans show anti- war sentiment US commitment reasonably popular in the beginning o As the war dragged on, costs increased, no quick victory seemed possible, skepticism gradually increased Anti-war movement both articulated and magnified the doubt that was growing among Americans o This made it hard for LBJ to uphold military status quo OR break the status quo by increasing commitment LBJ – “Be patient… victory is in sight.” o This worked until late 1967 Credibility gap – difference between what LBJ was preaching and what was going on Organized opposition to the war Began on college campuses with left-wing, liberal students Grew to others o Civil rights movement o Labor movement o Still, college students always the core Interesting, since polls showed they were actually more hawkish than other age groups Gap was between kids and parents, not youngsters and elders Some middle-class young men didn’t want to sacrifice their careers, some wanted to sit back and dwell in “self-
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Domestic Strains of the War 1965-67 - Costs major...

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