Southern Revolt - Start of Second VN War

Southern Revolt - Start of Second VN War - undermine Diem...

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1959 – Communist-led attack 1960 – Communist-led uprising took control over province south of Saigon Initiated campaign against the Saigon government o Would last 15 years, necessitate much US troop intervention to put down Pacific Policy before ’58 because South was exhausted by 8 year war with France. Guerilla warfare requires support of rural population DRV in North needed time to consolidate position north of 17 th parallel. Faced severe economic adjustments – war damage, cut off from rice supplies of South International situation before ’58 poor, no international power supporting their communism. 1957 – USSR wanted to show it was moderate, proposed N and S Vietnam both be admitted to UN as separate countries North was unlikely to embark on arm struggle, because still thought Diem regime would fall. Hoped for army coup, or nationalist/religious uprise Vietminh Concealed weapons, sent North key military personal, sought to build strong political movement in the South, wanted to
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Unformatted text preview: undermine Diem through non-military means Emphasized publishing newspapers, petitions, front organizations, meetings Controlled almost all villages not controlled by religious sects Diem refused to play by Hanois rules Wanted to eradicate Vietminh from South You dont coexist with those who want to exterminate you. Brother My hand will never tire of killing communists. The Communist Party of Vietnam in the South had to rethink its strategy, as Diem was dominating Central committee in Hanoi issued new directives More militant Vietminh Knew that doing nothing would be their undoing Felt it had secure base in North from which to launch insurrection in the South 1958-59 revolutionary disturbances in 3 rd world countries that seemed to inspire pro-communist revolts Despite Diems strength on paper, Vietminh felt there was enough disapproval to feed on...
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