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Physics 10 Final Exam Physics for future Presidents December 16, 2003 Last name____________________ First name____________________SID___________ Essay Questions. Choose TWO of the four. Write your essays on separate pages. with your name on the top of each page. Also put you name on the top of the multiple-choice page. A. Describe the light humans see and the light humans don't see. Use everyday examples to explain the uses of invisible light and why they are helpful or harmful to us. Can animals detect some of this light? B. The public has a fear for many things that relate to radioactivity. Give some reasons why people fear radioactivity and explain whether this fear is rational or irrational. What is the worst that can perceivably and in reality happen with a nuclear power plant? What has happened, historically? C. Superconductivity sounds super, yet most people do not use it in everyday life. Explain how the nature of superconductivity, the physics behind it, and why it is not more widely used. Discuss its present-day applications, and the possibilities for the future. D. Some people confuse the properties of the ozone layer with the greenhouse effect. Explain the two, pointing out the differences. Describe the current day concerns for each, and what action is appropriate.
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Physics 10 Final exam – Short Questions Last name____________________ First name____________________SID___________ Short questions (1 point each, 40 points total). Read the questions carefully so that you don’t misinterpret them (e.g. by missing a word such as “not”). 1. Fiber optics used to send signals are located ( ) in satellites ( ) in most of our homes ( ) under the ocean floor ( ) in power plants 2. The California energy crisis was due to: ( ) shortage of energy ( ) shortage of state money ( ) inability to obtain the required power ( ) shortage of gasoline 3. Why is there a weightlessness felt in space? ( ) Centrifugal force and gravity
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Physics_10_-_Fall_2003_-_Muller_-_Final - Physics 10 Final...

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