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Quiz 1 - y − z infinity z − x 40 Next you apply a 1...

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EE110 Quiz 1. April 16, 2009. Total points: 20. Show your work but cancel out irrelevant/incorrect work (otherwise points may be deducted). Calculators and one double-sided handwritten sheet of paper is allowed. Time allotted: 30 Minutes Remember to write your name and UID on the answer sheet. Q1. Can you use a R and a C with a sinusoidal source Vcos wt to construct a simple ckt. such that output voltage measured tends to 0 as w tends to 0 ? Clearly identify input and output terminals. 6 points Q2. You found a rather strange piece of circuitry which three exposed terminals (x,y,z) and it has exactly one resistor, on e inductor, and one capacitor, but you don’t know how they are connected. The capacitor has a capacitance of 1 μF. However, the other labels are not readable. The resistances (measured by applying a 1V DC source) between the terminals of the mystery circuit are as follows: x − y: infinity
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Unformatted text preview: y − z: infinity z − x: 40 Next, you apply a 1 Volt, 100 Hz, square-wave signal from the x terminal to the y terminal. The plot below displays the voltage from z to y superimposed on the square wave, at the same scale as the square wave. As you can see, waveform from z to y follows the square wave, but there is ringing with a cycle time of about 1 ms. Choose the likely circuit implementation from one of the following options. Also approximately find out the values of R and L . 10 points Q3. A complicated RLC network has steady state current response of 10cos(100t + 0.2) when a voltage source 10cos(100t) is applied to it. Now a voltage source 20cos(100t + 0.1) is applied to the circuit instead of the original source. Can you find the new current response ? Is the information enough for you to find it ? 4points Monday, April 13, 2009 1:16 AM Quiz1 Page 1...
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