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Christopher Nolop 7 th March 2008 Intro to World Music Concert Report: Arabesque Music Ensemble The concert attended was an on-campus performance of a traveling, Chicago based, Arabesque Music Ensemble. The purpose of the group is to preserve the unique and traditional Arabic music of Middle Eastern culture and to educate people about the music of the performers’ home country. The concert took place on March 4 th , in Distler Music Hall on the Tufts University campus. The performance group consisted of eight members; five instrumentalists and three vocalists. The instruments used included the traditional six stringed lute called the ‘ud , one of the most important instruments in Middle Eastern and North African culture, the qanun , violin, cello, and a tambourine that doubled as a hand-held drum, known as a riqq . Of the three vocalists, two of them were male, one of which was the famous Youssef Kassab, who arranged and composed many of the pieces performed by the ensemble. The majority of the songs were composed by either Riyad al-Sunbati, Muhammad al-Qasabji, or Zakariyya Ahmad, who are largely considered three of the greatest composers in Egyptian history. These three musicians composed the majority of the songs performed by the famous singer Umm Kulthum, who took Egypt and much of North Africa and the Middle East by storm with her powerful voice in the 1940’s, 50’s, ans 60’s. These three legendary composers were nicknamed “The Three Musketeers” of Egyptian music composers and are significantly admired in Middle Eastern music culture. Thus, the songs played by the Arabseque Ensemble were all Egyptian traditional pieces. To begin to describe the nature of the concert, it is essential to understand the 1
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sounds and instruments that were played. The violin was an aspect of almost every piece performed by the group. It is a stringed lute played with a bow that is originally a western
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concertessay - Christopher Nolop 7th March 2008 Intro to...

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