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Report & RDS Rec S_9

Report & RDS Rec S_9 - General Recommendations for...

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General Recommendations for Lab report LABORATORY REPORT GUIDELINES Report for EE M171L & M117 Classes LAB REPORT MUST BE PRESENTED IN PPT SLIDES and INCLUDE The FOLLOWING SECTIONS: EACH student has to present individual Report by PPT slides and include: a. Title page (see bellow) b. Abstract/Goals of the Lab experiments and Report c. Short theoretical background d. Lab Results, and discussion of the results e. Report results and their Discussion f. Conclusion 1 Title page (1 slide) 2. Abstract-short and clear description of the main goals of lab Experiments and goal of the Report. (1 slide) 3. Lab experiment results (with errors calculations) . (Should be presented ONLY the part of Lab experiments results that are base of the REPORT). (Lab Σ SECTIONS), 4. Report Results with errors (Calculations based on Lab Σ SECTIONS). 5. Discussion- statements about obtained results. 6. Conclusions. All together Reports must not exceed 15 slides. .
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THIS IS A RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE REPORTS: Title Page Students’ Name, course #, quarter, date, lab Report number and title (1slide) Abstract Short description of the goals (1 slide).
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