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Poli Sci Review - Poli Sci Review Politics the process...

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Poli Sci Review Politics- the process whereby binding value allocation are made for a collectivity. Allocation of valued things or resources. Scarcity of resources. Valued things are usually scarce. Resources are wealth status and power. Politics respond to public issues by giving rise to new issues because of the policies failure to address the original issue. New issues result in new politics. It is a never ending cycle. Collectivity- community, everyone as a whole. Binding decisions- a decision that must be upheld. Political elites- anyone who has authority in politics Demand overload- can’t fulfill supply, too much demand Authoritative- capable of making binding decisions. Control government Value- resources, needs of life. Scarcity- lack of valued unites, lack of access to something. Scarce values are allocated. Allocation- distribution of values, who gets what and how. Regime- support for secondary part of the political system. Analytic units- concept from culture to show understanding of the value. The process whereby binding value allocations are made for a collectivity, are two analytic processes 1. Decision making- making resource allocations for collectivity. 2. Rule or enforcement- inducing members of collectivity to accept. Political system- totality of social actions that in any way influence the making of binding value allocations for a collectivity. Enforce decisions made through the process of allocation. Can find without the government. Government - specialized institutions for the actual allocating of values. The collection of 'offices' in a political system is what constitutes the government of that system. State- common, makes claim to not use physical force in a territorial area. State is sovereignty and territory. Nation- can be a nation, but nation not states, and states not nations. A large group or community from which members derive their basic political identity and toward which they devote great loyalty. Working assumptions- -all collectivities will have a political system which is a means to allocate scarce values among its members)
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-The process of making value allocations can be broken down into basic elements that are similar in all collectivities. -The common elements will be linked with each other in similar ways.
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Poli Sci Review - Poli Sci Review Politics the process...

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