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Quiz 3 White Answers - LA CEM 252 QUIZ#3 Harm A“ k 3(Pg...

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Unformatted text preview: LA; CEM 252 QUIZ #3 Harm: A“ k 3% (Pg: ) See#___ 1. {4 pt) Draw the euolate anion oi'eaeh of the following molecules in the box. provided. lilenltifl,r the most oeidie hydrogen mngftitgfitmleeules {the one with the lowest {1K3} by circling it. o o to" 2. {2 pt) Which of the following will give .5 positive hfllflfflrm test (mflergo the halot'onn reaction)? Cimle all that apply. . .... __F- ,- ' '— {2 “pi" CH3CDCH3 CH3C03CH3 CHgmgCHD @ a. n. _ L. 3. [16 pt] Show the major organic pmduetqfis) of the following reactions: 0 Br: ———n- >VK HUM. '1. [DA 0 —1-- 2. CH3BI l. NaDEt C" 2 JL —" H GHzCHt z. mo+ 2 00023 1. NaDEt 2. H30+ NaDEt momma —"’ l. NaDMe one + CH3CHD ——+.. 11-130 DNH + fig“ —I- H”, H10 EIUICCH 1C01E1 —--—I- heat 4. (7' pt} Draw the organic pmduct or the starting material in the bums. D U D A. M NaUEt M CEBU—11B: Had—n+— EtD EH 9 . t 12:» LL“ -. r .! I C *CI'EL’COLE‘F ) (a mixed [flaisen condcusation} M «A... EFW-LJ?“ 5. {4 pt] Outline: thfl steps to pmpan: the target molecule, utfliz'mg the: aunts: acetate eater Synthesis {at any other method from starting materials of no more than T carbons). D m g: m as: 0 :__ no a a it” Ma 4- bin: Ipr H4: mar {at (tilt.MJ.y{J:fh } (fr 0 0 La; WDNE ...
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