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warm up quest. 4 - 1 What is one advantage that an animal...

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1. What is one advantage that an animal with any kind of coelom (pseudo or true) has over an animal without a coelom? Describe the advantage and explain why both the true coelom and the pseudocoelom can provide that advantage. An advantage for an animal that has any kind of coelom is that since a coelom is fluid-filled, the coelom serves as a hydrostatic skeleton. This means that the fluid pressure will keep the animal from collapsing on itself. Since fluids can usually not be compressed, when the muscles around them contracts, they are able to move to another part of the cavity. A true coelom is enclosed on the outside and inside with mesoderm(muscles) while a pseudocoelom has mesoderm just on its outside, meaning that a true coelom animal has more control over the movement of the fluids in its body cavity than an animal with a pseudocoelom. 2. 1. You study an organism that has a body cavity that develops between the endodermal and mesodermal tissues. What kind of organism could this be? A) a jellyfish B) an earthworm
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