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wh 11-14-07 - 14 November 2007 WH "Tradition and...

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14 November 2007 WH “Tradition and Change: Enlightenment in Europe” I. The Scientific Revolution: The Universe Reconceived a. The Ptolomaic Cosmos—an ongoing divine miracle runned by God i. Ptolemy (c.90-168) ii. Ptolomaic universe – earth is surrounded by invisible crystalline globes in which heavenly bodies are placed—coarse inside outwards is light and aether, very outside is the purest place where God resides, organic and living, not mechanic cosmos, connected by Great chain of being—all things are connected, lowliest worm to God iii. Earth, air, fire, water—the basic elements that make up everything in the universe, want to seek natural proper place, part of ongoing miracle—striving to find place 1. Earth + water are heavy and coarse and will naturally want to move down 2. Air and fire are light and want to go up, more ethereal which combine to make aether iv. Aether- air and fire combination—makes up the stars and planets—the further away from earth, the purer aether
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wh 11-14-07 - 14 November 2007 WH "Tradition and...

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