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Anthro study guide - considerably larger than females brains were the same size as those of modern apes and their offspring developed rapidly like

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Shared, derived characters that distinguish modern humans from other living hominoids: 1. bipedal locomotion 2. a larger brain 3. slower development 4. dental morphology: wide parabolic dental arcade, thick enamel, reduced canine teeth, larger molars in relation to other teeth 5. cultural adaptation: symbolic culture transmitted in part through spoken language Classification -because early hominins were bipedal and shared many dental features with modern humans, they are classified as members of our subfamily -because their brains and life history were similar to those of contemporary chimps, early hominins are not included in the same genus (Homo) as modern humans Phylogenies -confusing, many possible versions -in every possible phylogeny, the human lineage is derived from a small biped who was adept in trees, its teeth and jaws were suited for a generalized diet, males were
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Unformatted text preview: considerably larger than females, brains were the same size as those of modern apes, and their offspring developed rapidly like modern apes-this creature links the apes of the Miocene to the earliest members of the genus Homo Bipedalism-hypotheses as to why it was favored by natural selection: 1. efficient form of locomotion on the ground 2. allowed hominins to keep cool in heat stress 3. bipedal locomotion leaves the hands free to carry things 4. bipedal posture allows efficient harvesting of fruit from small trees Adaptations to seasonality 1. Robust species may have developed processing apparatuses to chew tough plants (Paranthropus) 2. Less robust species may have shifted to a more omnivorous diet....
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