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chp2 problem24 solution

Physics: Principles with Applications

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Unformatted text preview: Solution: To calculate the acceleration, we can use the same formula as we did in the previous question, 2 v 2 - v0 a= . 2(x - x0 ) In this case, x - x0 = 15.0 m, v0 = 0 m/s, v = 11.5 m/s, so a= (11.5 m/s)2 - (0 m/s)2 = 4.4 m/s2 . 2 15 m To calculate the time, we can solve v = v0 + at for the time, t. Subtracting v0 from both sides and then dividing by a we get t= v - v0 . a Using the values we now know for v, v0 and a, we get t= 11.5 m/s = 2.6s. 4.4 m/s2 The units on this one are tricky - can you verify that they work out correctly? ...
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