sociology - sociology Absolute poverty someone who cannot...

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Unformatted text preview: sociology Absolute poverty someone who cannot afford basic needs. Food, clothing, etc.... Measured by poverty line (poverty threshold). $14,824.Defined by government. For one person the number is $9,393. 1+2 kids $18,660family of 4 12.7% of people live in absolute poverty (2004). Relative poverty (good for comparing with other countries) how you do compared to others in your country. Can you afford what others around you can? % of median income. $45,000 US. 50% is below that. Measures of Poverty Cost of minimum consistent diet (shortterm subsistent diet) times 3. times three because they thought that food cost 1/3 of peoples diet. Housing cost more now. food costs about 20% of a persons budget. Near poor 125% poverty line. 12.7 in AP. + 4.5% NP. Deep poverty (people who earn less then half AP) 4.4% of population. ...
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