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ed 198 - advice and assistance The legal clinic also...

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Ben Gammon 11-6-06 Edu 198, sec 14 RESOURCE REVIEW ASSIGNMENT The Student Legal Clinic is located in room 300A on the third floor of Eshleman Hall. The legal clinic is open nine in the morning to 5 at night. The goal of the Student Legal Clinic is to assist the students of Berkeley with any and all legal advice and assistance. One of the most helpful services that it provides is information for tenants. Some of the services that are offered are as follows: ASUC Renter’s legal assistance at 642-1755 Office of External Affairs Lobby and Housing Commission 642-4017 Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board 644-6128 Legal Counseling for Students 642-4982 In addition to these there is quite a list of other services that can aid tenants with legal
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Unformatted text preview: advice and assistance. The legal clinic also provides students with information about their rights as tenants. Yes, if the information on hand about tenant rights is any indication then the legal clinic definitely meets its goal. It could better serve it’s student population if it had more pamphlets for a wider array of legal issues. It could also be more visible on campus, considering it is hard to even find it in Eshleman Hall. This information is very helpful to new transfer students because many of them are first time tenants, renting from land lords who may prey and abuse their ignorance on the subject. If students are dealing with a legal issue or want to be informed about their legal rights then this is a good first step....
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ed 198 - advice and assistance The legal clinic also...

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