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Stress management workshop notes

Stress management workshop notes - i Embrace the challenge...

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Stress time management workshop notes 9/21/06 1) Being a transfer student a) We have managed our time before b) Berkeley takes it up a notch, we get to know our way around berk after about 1 yr c) Stressful situations i) Job interview ii) Meeting with a professor iii) Talking in discussion group d) Stress definition-Non specific response of the body to any demand made on it e) Diff ways your body responds to stress i) If we notice these signs then we can prevent the stress, we need to deal with it before it comes a problem ii) If we go into a stressful situation when we have prepared for it we will perform better, it helps to prepare ourselves before when time is limited such as an exam f) Stress isn’t all negative, it can push you to get things done
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Unformatted text preview: i) Embrace the challenge when going into that stressful situation and you will ‘own it’ ii) Leo sucks hole iii) 4 points to stress (1) you are faced with a fight or flight situation (2) physical and psychological reaction (3) coming down phase (4) coming back to normal iv) if we can see the stressful situation coming up, like an exam then we want to not make the physical and psychological reaction as dramatic g) many students have a cycle of where their bodies and minds go crazy over the 15 weeks of a semester and their body breaks down at the end of the semester what is stressful? physical reactions? how do you break the cycle?...
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