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wrkshp revw - giving us stress I spoke with Dave a middle...

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Ben Gammon 10/9/06 Work Shop Write Up #1 The workshop was conducted by a Latino gentleman who is a Berkeley alumni. He stressed that each of us have managed our time before but Berkeley forces us to step it up a notch. He defined stress as a non specific response of the body to any demand on it. If we notice the ways in which our bodies react to stress we are better able to deal with that stress. The class then went around and each of us said what it was in our life that was
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Unformatted text preview: giving us stress. I spoke with Dave, a middle aged man who said that his daughter gives him a lot of stress. The man running the workshop then pointed out to us that there are a lot of students who go through a 15 week cycle in which the mind and body are on overdrive, then after the 15 weeks, when the student takes a break, he or she gets really sick. He then informed us on ways in which we could prevent ourselves from winding up in a similar situation....
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