- 1 WWI a Thursday’s lecture on prohibition b Tuesday’s lecture on food c Thursday’s on safety d Tuesday on religion e Thursday American way

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Unformatted text preview: 10-24-06 1) WWI a) Thursday’s lecture on prohibition b) Tuesday’s lecture on food c) Thursday’s on safety d) Tuesday on religion e) Thursday American way f) Tuesday harlem renaissance & 2) WWI a) 1910s US becomes the #1 economic power b) credit to the republican party program, wages went up, prices down, hours worked in a week went down, sizes of houses larger, better food, healthier people, height and weight on the rise, c) increase in disposable income-even the poor weren’t as poor as they were in the 1880s d) 1912-Wilson becomes democrat prez i) becomes a symbol of gov intervention, transitional figure bt laiz faire and managerial liberal party of FDR ii) only southern elected between Jackson and Johnson iii) background (1) attended Princeton, said to be the 7 th American to receive a Phd (2) 1902 prez of princeton (3) ideas on education widely read and reported, one of the leading theorists on the relation bt the legislative and executive branches and one of the leading advocates of educational reform (4) 1910-becomes NJ governor for 2 years, accomplishes reforms, assembled a cross party coalition iv) 1912-got Dem party nomination, felt they had a good shot at the white house if they selected someone on the middle of the fence (1) repubs split bt Teddy and Taft, (2) under Taft repubs officially becomes the party of big business (3) Teddy followers felt that the repub party was the party of the working ppl, hence they argued it was the party of Lincoln, that they needed to be protected from big business (4) Wilson had much the same view as Roosevelt but they differed on how the gov could protect the workingman (5) News media said Taft had no chance of being reelected (a) Thus it was wilson’s new freedom vs. roosevelt’s nationalism (b) Both politicians supporters were filled with former Bellamey supporters (c) Called for 8 hr day, no child labor for ppl under 16, investing the office of the prez to intervine in economic disputes, and unenthusiastically supporting women’s suffrage (6) Roosevelt (a) Focused on economics to secure on a modern industrial society, that...
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- 1 WWI a Thursday’s lecture on prohibition b Tuesday’s lecture on food c Thursday’s on safety d Tuesday on religion e Thursday American way

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