10-26-06 - 10-26-06 Bessie Smith 1) Roaring 20s a)...

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10-26-06 Bessie Smith 1) Roaring 20s a) Recording industry i) Came about during the beginning 1920s ii) Bessie Smith-first music industry star iii) development of radio and recording industry come about simultaneously iv) 1870s-industrial produced automated pianos (1) first star-Bessie Smith, first cross over musician, majority of ppl who bought her music were white (a) part of new pop culture (b) W.C. Handley wrote “St. Louis Blues”, a black 1923 (c) She sung more gutsy style of music than what black traditionally listened to (i) Clarence Williams on piano, Bessie Smith singing, Louis Armstrong on saxophone (the music sucks ass) v) 1923-multiply money by 10 for today’s amount of money vi) renewed interest in US folk culture (1) partly due to WWI and the US’s opposition to everything European (2) there became interest of everything american 2) explosion of 1919 a) with unexpected end of WWI there came isolationism b) set its own house and order and establish American values c) disbandment of all the government programs that started a depression that lasted until 1921 d) 1919-january i) jan-ship yard workers in seatle went on strike, 21 unions joined together ii) metal trades unions (1) ship workers-asked 40% raise for everyone, managers offered raise to skilled workers only, union went on strike, police were used to suppress strike, other unions went on strike, entire city shut down, city supported the strike this happened in the aftermath of Bolshevik revolution
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10-26-06 - 10-26-06 Bessie Smith 1) Roaring 20s a)...

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