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10-31-06 1) Music a) Opera most popular form of the day i) A city the size of SF would have several dozen opera houses b) American band music i) Is classical music, played with wind instruments ii) people would go to a near by park to hear this opera music iii) you can’t hear the diff bt black and white “band music” c) 1902-“rememberence” most popular song, classical i) is about life consisting of things that slip out of your hands, FUCK OPERA 2) U.S. literature a) If Americans owned books it would be 1. bible, 2. U.S. history book, 3. Shakespeare b) 1890-U.S. respects international copyright laws, before that author couldn’t get published cause publishers could just get it for free when they copied it from European books i) 6 states consumed 50% of book sales, 12 states of 2/3 of the book sales, 356 books per capita in NE state, Miss/Alabama-2 books per capita. 3) Politics of food a) Americans radically change their eating habits-growing scientific understanding of what nutrition is= scientifization of food i) Leads to specific recommendation of what to eat, which leads to government getting involved in the regulation of food. ii) Less diversity of food- market place didn’t have as many diff types of food, having such a broad amount of choices wasn’t a part of the US food consumers instead they relied on a few staple products. Thus brand loyalty became a big part of food. iii) Simple hardy cooking prepared in a few ways, dishes shouldn’t take a long
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10-31-06 - 1 Music a Opera most popular form of the day i A...

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