11-7-06 - 11-7-06Tori Praul tpraul@berkeley.eduGRADER OF my...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-7-06Tori Praul tpraul@berkeley.eduGRADER OF my MIDTERM1) safety last the movie we watched thursdaya)businesss structure is much like Chandlers viewb) ppl asked for materials in a department store, they hadnt yet thought of to allow customers to roam around the products. c)Harold shouldnt get married until he is a big man has a high paying jobd) Police-way they are presented, relation bt the main characters and the officeri)Obsessive compulsive officer who would hound you to the end of time2) Harlod Lyold(star of the movie)a)Stolidly middle american, he was dismissed as a minor comic of Hollywoodb) With Chaplin was the most popular comic and in fact worldwide the most popular comicc)Symbolized the values of US after WWI, aspirations of the mid class, aspirations are taken seriously but critiqued-showing that they are impossible. Symbolized the positive nature of US culture but also the impossibility of attaining this ideal 3) Fundamentalism a)Limits of democracy i)Tested in 2 realms of science and religion (1) If majority were to vote evolution is wrong does it make it so? (2) Does majority have the right to determine what the will of god is? ii) Tension within protestant establishment of US(1) Most supported separation of church & state, didnt want majority to decide, more and more ppl thought churches should be run democratically run. (2) Market development of 1920s(a) Movement of fundamentalists-took Darwinian evolution theory as the cause of social evil. Engaged in political action to ban evolution in school(3) 1925-tenn passed law out lawing teaching of evolution(a) Scopes Trial-happens over this(b) Bryan 3 times the president nominatin of the dem party(i) Mencken-felt Bryan was inspired by hate of urban man1.Mencken-argued fundamentalism as danger to democracy, they march with the Klan, 2.spread the stereotype of fundamentalists 3.contrasted the ignorant rural farmers against cosmopoltin societyb) originsi)oil mongul started the term fundamentalism in volumes of books as survey of...
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This note was uploaded on 04/01/2008 for the course HISTORY 124, 124b, taught by Professor Smith, during the Fall '06 term at University of California, Berkeley.

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11-7-06 - 11-7-06Tori Praul tpraul@berkeley.eduGRADER OF my...

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