11-9-06 - 11/9/06 -Shimmy-dancing was prohibited because it...

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11/9/06 --Shimmy-dancing was prohibited because it was sexually explicit at the time. -Fundamentalists wanted to maintain traditions developed by the Church over the previous years. They wanted a literal interpretation and wanted to defend the autonomy of the Church against other people’s democratic impulses. Most of the leaders went back to their denominations and made peace with the liberal members of their denomination. -People were trying to study when Christ would return. People practiced Bible interpretation. Premillenials rejected God’s rule, even in countries that called themselves Christians. They believe God already came before the thousandth year. Christs’ rule according to Premilleniamists came before the ascension. The troubles of the final days would be a last test that would offer those the chance to choose God’s rule over self-rule. -Post-millenialists believed that both individuals and society were perfectable. Freedom of choice, they believed, was capable of making people gain God’s love. Humans’ valiant effort
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11-9-06 - 11/9/06 -Shimmy-dancing was prohibited because it...

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