11-14-06 - Creation of the modern bathrooma)Old...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-14-061) Creation of the modern bathrooma)Old bathroomi)Toilets-Typically consisted of an outhouse that wasn’t connected to a privy but simply into the ground.ii) Baths-water would be warmed in the kitchen and a bath was typically close by. In the bed room there was a wash stand. iii) Upper class/hotels-began installing baths and flush toilets in 1880s, flush toilet invented in 1887, indoor plumbing started being used about the same time. Mostly came about post 1910. iv) Indoor plumbing/flush toilets widely used post 1910b) New bathroomi)Hot water heater, flush toilet, tub, bathroom were put into new homes in 1920sii) 1925-5 million enamel baths produced, tile walls and floor became popular, invented in Cal as a way to be connected to Spanish past. Rest of the country used it because it equaled cleanliness. iii) Flush toilet as major transformation of family style(1) Women-were responsible for emptying commod at least daily. This made the public more sanitary. (2) Dramatic decrease in diarea and other communal diseases because flush toilets and cars replacing horses. Also if one were to have an outhouse they needed to have a septic tank connected to it. c)American way of lifei)Revolved around modern kitchen developed in 1910s(1) Gas powered stove, ice box and runnig waterii) Rural homes(1) Lacked runnig water and electricity until 1930siii) Tenement housing(1) Put in shared toilets on each floor instead of outhousesiv) Work(1) 1880s-most worked 45 hrs a week, 8 hrs mon-fri, 4-5 hrs on Saturday(2) payed vacations(a) 1920s-at least 40% of companies payed for at least a week of vacationv) books(1) more libraries, book of the month club started in 1922, paperbacks arrived...
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11-14-06 - Creation of the modern bathrooma)Old...

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