11-16-06 - 11-16-061)2) Harlem renaissance a)The great...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-16-061)2) Harlem renaissance a)The great migrationi)Created new conditions in which blacks could liveii) They were bound bc of segregation by custom they found themselves in ghettos, one of these was Harlem NY. It had been a white neighborhood in the 1910s and moved in as whites moved out to the suburbs. iii) Bc of their segregation they were able to develop personal and communal skills. iv) Explosion in art, literature and arts. =Harlem Reniasancev) Blacks traveled to Paris, Haiti, Brazilvi) Helen Lock-1925-coined the phraise, the new negro to describe the new communities in the north. With idea that they would revolutionize the possibilities for blacks all over the world. They were as modern as anyone else in America and was quite middle class. They were finding Harlem as the capital of blacks in America. vii)Harlem had been populated by blacks for only 10 yrs, so why did they pick it over say New Orleans? Bc ppl were moving north for economic reasons, they had consumer dollars to develop a specifically African american culture and entertainment. viii)Jazz was invented with the intent that it would be black musicians for a black audience. ix) James Vanzerzee-a photographer in Harlem, he was black and has a dutch last name, was middle class, set up a photography studio, his photos are the best record of life in Harlem in the 20s, there is a pic of successful rich black couple wearing fur and in a new car. He was a photographer of the new negro middle class....
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11-16-06 - 11-16-061)2) Harlem renaissance a)The great...

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