11-28-06 - “depression film on WTA helping blacks”a)WTA...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-28-061) “depression film on WTA helping blacks”a)WTA demolition teamb) All laborers seem to be black with white managers. c)Parks public pools, day care centers, 300,000 adults taught to read and writed) Girls taught: how to cook, clean, health education, care of sick, sewing for needy families all part of WTA’s education programe)Musicians and artists practicing, f)Lots of emphasis on education, training and children or focus on futureg) Orsen Wells, directed an all black cast of Macbeth at the Harlem theaterh) Congress criticized this film and its assistance to blacks2) Miserya)Work relief programsi)FDR had to build back confidence in the workersii) They essentially gave them money to spendiii) They didn’t use their technological resources because they didn’t want to aid the unemployedb) Food programsc)Housing programsd) Aid to Dependent Childreni)Both conservatives and liberals agreed it was a shame that couple hundred thousand kids starved, gave out food 3) Confidence a)“we have nothing to fear but fear itself”-was trying to put confidence back into the economyb) Fireside chatsi)First time a living president accepted responsibility of the state of the nation partly the reason why he became a cult figureii) End of the 36 election there was 16 republicans in the senate, the ppl found trust in FDRc)Federal deposit insurance i)Backing the banks, thus banks were audited by the fedsd) Federal loan guaranteesi)Encouraged banks to lend out moneye)Federal works programsi)To get the machinery of the economy movingii) Electrification(1) In places private companies wouldn’t do itiii) TVA(1) Electrification + plumbing4) Causesa)Overproduction/under consumption b) Lack of credit c)Deflation/banking crisisd) International trade stops5) 3 phases of the New Deal...
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11-28-06 - “depression film on WTA helping blacks”a)WTA...

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