11-30-06 - 11-30-061)Research papera)No minimum number of...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-30-061)Research papera)No minimum number of sourcesb)Ratio of primary/secondary sources is up to usc)Have a really good thesisd)Basic starting point is if the reader has learned something from our paper then we should get an Ae)Use the referece style that we are most comfortable with usf)We need to extrapolate from our research, he does want to know what we think about thingsg)State our opinion and reinforce it with evidence h)Images are allowed, but they should not count towards the page total2)Republicans felt that the problem with the economy was overproduction3)Democrats/FDR administration felt the problem was under consumption, as stated by FDR: “the freedom of want” a)Exception was agriculture, they were overproducing i)When your talking about overproduction it leads you to get ppl not to produce, thus the government pays farmers not to grow ii) 30s-80s-farmers were guranteed a minimum pay for their produce and payed not to produce over a specific amount. iii) Farmers were very much in support of this4)Under productiona)Housing, roads, infrastructure, electrical systemsi)The gov comes in and manages specific areas to provide these services to the...
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11-30-06 - 11-30-061)Research papera)No minimum number of...

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