12-3-06 - 12-3-061) Contrast of tow images that existed of...

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Unformatted text preview: 12-3-061) Contrast of tow images that existed of the US during the administration of FDRa)An image of destitution and defeati)Ecnominic crisis, etcb) The american victory of WWII its most glorious pointi)Fewer casualties than any other major combatant, economic boom etc2) Film-a)1905 ride down market streeti)no cross walks, don’t seem to be any traffic laws, people are delighted to be on tape ii) modes of transportation present(1) cable car, railed cars, horse buggies, cars, horse drawn street car, iii) conclusions(1) not much organization on the street level, the buildings on the street represent solid management in the building of the structure and the companies that were inside. The streets still represent a society based on common sense, where one needed to look after their own safety(2) organization was in the private businesses and clubs but not in the public realm, 1906 quake damage was bc the public services didn’t have the know how to deal with a fire of that magnitude(3) through out the twentieth century you can see a transition of management from the private to the public sector(4) by the 30s and with WWII there is an impulse to extend management to every part of society to prevent disasterb) Private Snafu, Spies moviei)War department made it because it presupposed that new recruits had a sense of individualism and couldn’t keep secrets. c)U.S. video on development of the Jeepi)Extentsion of management process, gov bringing together private corporations together with public interest in this case military vehicles (1) Jeeps were turned out 2 a minute, very patriotic movie(2) Moral and personal issues were deemed very important by ameican managerial style3) WWIIa)Why was the US able to so easily transition into wari)Only 15% of personal actually fighting with 85% in supportii) Hitler takes power in 33(1) Germany was stuck bt the far left and right(2) Other industrial countries hit harder than US(3) Through the depths of the depression the US had become more powerful...
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12-3-06 - 12-3-061) Contrast of tow images that existed of...

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